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Allow Air Temp Comfort Solutions to handle your repairs / replacements on sewer, water and gas lineswater heaters and boilers, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.  Other specialties include Irrigation Systems, French drains, Septic systems and drain cleanings. If it has gas, water or sewer in it, we repair or replace it. Don’t forget about our full service repair for homes and commercial businesses, too!

The Sewer Camera Explained

Have you ever had a clog in your drain that you just couldn’t get fully undone?  It takes a trained plumber to ensure your sewer line is free of debris and contamination.  Air Temp plumbing professionals use state-of-the-art equipment, like the one shown here, to locate and clear any clogs which may be located in your sewer line.

Why use a sewer camera?

Drain and sewer line problems can arise from a multitude of causes. A majority of these issues are fairly simple to repair with no need to remove or replace piping. Even in more extreme cases, spot repairs are usually made.  It’s important to get a clear view of the problem, as this can help you and our technician agree upon a plan to alleviate the problem.

Modern technology is truly innovative, as today’s video cameras can be tracked electronically from above the surface. This allows our technicians to spot any and all issues arising within the sewer line. This service is essential when trying to determine the overall cost of repairs, or even which permits may be required for work to be completed.

So What Can This Thing Really Do?

The sewer video camera has quite a few “nifty” features. Today’s cameras are capable of being placed inside of a pipe as small as 2″, and with the correct attachments, up to 36″ in diameter.  These cameras are engineered to travel through any legal pipe bends, even those crazy 90-degree elbow joints!  Images are transmitted in real-time – meaning that issues are typically found instantaneously.  Additionally, the image view is designed to capture the full width of any typically sized house drain or house sewer.

Your sewer inspection done right with Air Temp

The amount of money spent on sewer inspections is heavily dependent on the technician’s skill, and the age of the equipment used.  Air Temp Comfort Solutions employs highly-trained plumbing technicians who use the latest sewer camera equipment for expert drain issue resolution.

Don’t spend extra money with “the other guy” who uses antiquated equipment and has little knowledge of sewer line issues.  Call Air Temp Comfort Solutions today to schedule an appointment with an expert plumber!

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